Single mindedness in God


Rev. Michael Lau

There is a Chinese saying that “If we start with a minor deviance and it will be miles away in the end.” (差之毫釐, 失之千里) Everyone who pursues spirituality must pay attention to the vitality of one’s starting point. The starting point should be the theology of God. Then we need to ask how the Divine relates to human? The key is worshipping. Even though people claim to worship a god that was created by the human concepts and craftsmanship, they are worshipping the maker of the idol who has the ultimate authority.

It was from the Greek philosopher, like Plato, that the concept of the First Cause has been passed on to the Western culture. It is the concept of the Absolute One who is the Creator of all. Apostle John used the concept of Logos in the Gospel of John to introduce the God of Genesis 1:1. The God who is the loving Creator and Redeemer demands a relationship that is based on the utmost response of human love.

Jesus is our example in His single mindedness to His Father. Jesus took the Father’s vision and implementation plan as His own. It is all about giving life of abundance to those who follow Jesus. Jesus is the only way that lead the whole human race back to the Creator who gives abundant life from the very beginning.

Disciple-making for Christ is to empower all followers of God to develop an everlasting loving relationship with Him. They share the love that exists within the three persons in the God-head. Paul describes how God relate to His people as “beyond, among, and in us.” (Eph 4:6) This is an all embracing relationship that starts with our single mindedness to the Trinity.

Single Minded Love [Duet 5:6-21, 6:1-25; Duet 6:3-9Worship (P)]: When a new generation of Israelites was ready to move into the Promised Land, Moses re-proclaimed the Law from God to them. It was a summarized version of the covenant that God had made with their forefathers. The Law demands a loyalty of love solely for their Redeemer and Protector in the covenant.

The Only Creator [Gen 1:1-28; Gen 1:1-13 Trinity (B)]: The unique relationship between God and humanity is humans are the bearers of the image and likeness of God. God is being identified as the Heavenly Father of all humans. That is not only fundamental to human existence, but also give deeper meaning for our worship to God and our relationship with other humans.

The Only Redeemer [Acts 4:1-20; Acts 4:10-12; 19-20 Identity in Christ (B)]: As Peter and John proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus, they emphasized on the name of Jesus. The unique meaning and importance of the name of Jesus rested on who Jesus was, who He is, and forever He will be the salvation of the whole human kind.

The Only Gospel [1Cor 15:1-11, Gal 1:6-10; 1Cor 15:1-8 Saved by Grace (B)]: Therefore, there is only one biblical gospel. Such gospel is the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophesies in the death and the resurrection of Christ. All had happened in the appointed time in human history in the event of Jesus died on the cross and was raised from the grave. At the end, all those who follow Him will experience His presence and also will have the same resurrection at the end of the old creation.


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