Pastoral Team

Rev. Dr. Michael Lau

Rev. Dr. Michael Lau [DMin Providence Theological Seminary, MDiv Tyndale] has been in pastoral ministry for 30 years in church planting and church revival among GTA Fellowship Baptist and CBOQ Chinese churches. He has served as chairperson of TCEMF, SOBEM and LBC-JM. His passion in ministry is to cultivate spiritual and missional leadership for the Kingdom of God. He and his wife Fenny have 5 sons and one grandson. He has many interests, such as fishing, golfing in summer, skiing and bowling in winter, reading and fixing in all seasons.

Rev To
Rev. Freda To

Rev. Freda currently serves as the pastor-in-charge of Chinese ministry to develop both Cantonese ministry and Mandarin ministry.  She was graduated from Tyndale Seminary, majoring in Pastoral in Chinese Ministry, with concentration in Christian Education.   Being a children pastor for nine years before the current position, Freda desires to bless the next generation by bringing up leaders and walking along side with parents and kids in the inter-generation dynamic.    She treasures the opportunity to teach the Word of God and to engage people to go deeper to live out the Word of God in daily lives. She strives to be more missional by exploring opportunities to engage herself and the congregants to serve the community and in mission trips.

Freda is a trained spiritual director who looks forward to accompanying brothers and sisters to pay attention to the presence and guidance of God through spiritual dialogues and ministry interactions.  She is now a student of the Doctor of Ministry (Spiritual Formation Track) program in Tyndale Seminary.

In her free time, she enjoys silence, reading, hiking, journaling and spending quality time with husband Frederick, and their two daughters.

Pastor Polly Au
Pastor Polly Au

Pastor Polly has been with Logos Baptist Church (York Region) since its inception, and has been serving in the pastoral team since 2011. Obtaining a double major in spiritual formation and pastoral studies during her studies at Tyndale Seminary, it is Polly’s passion and desire to serve the church, who are the people of God, in seeking a deeper and more personal relationship with God. Polly loves walking alongside people in their life journeys and being a companion and encourager as they journey closer to God, learning of their potential, and letting God develop their potential to fullness.

Having encountered and benefited from spiritual direction in her studies at Tyndale Seminary, and by the grace of God, Polly became a Certified Spiritual Director in May 2015. It is her desire to see the spiritual discipline of spiritual direction regain its acceptance in local churches. She is currently volunteering at the Board of Tyndale Association of Spiritual Directors as a membership officer.

In her leisure, Polly enjoys spending time with her family and her little nephews, listening to music, reading, hiking, and hanging out with small groups of friends over coffee.

Pastor Johnny Cheung
Pastor Johnny Cheung

Johnny is an English Congregation Pastor at Logos Baptist Church (York Region). He has served in the youth ministry for a number of years, and loves engaging with youth and walking alongside them in their spiritual journeys. Johnny also enjoys preaching the Word of God, focusing on clear and understandable messages from scripture that are vibrant and relevant for the audiences of today. Graduating from Tyndale Seminary, Johnny holds a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Ministries with a concentration in Global Mission and Intercultural Studies. In his previous life he also graduated with a Bachelor of Technology from Ryerson University, studying in the field of Graphic Communications Management. He’s had enough school for now, but isn’t closing the door entirely on further studies.In his spare time, Johnny likes hanging out with his wife Sophia, and taking their baby daughter, Jordan, to the park. In what’s left of his time, he also enjoys cheering on his favorite Toronto sports teams, playing video games, chilling on patios and enjoying life in general.

Susan Tang
Susan Tang – Administration
鄧劉潔娟姊妺 — 行政

Susan is the office administrator and manager at the church office. She has been working tirelessly at the church for many years, and is the leading authority on all things happening at Logos Baptist Church (York Region). Got a question? Ask Susan. She runs the office like a tight ship and is absolutely indispensable, from her careful management of the financial to her expertise with the newfangled office equipment. In her free time, she enjoys being active and spending time with her family.

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執事會 Deacon Board

陳璧根 Alfred Chan
林俊宇 Genuine Lam
張沛德 Patrick Cheung
李熹春 Rex Li
陳秋雄 Simon Chan

中文堂建委會 Chinese CDC

主席 – Chairperson – 蘇錦添 David So
副主席 – Vice-Chairperson – 李育賢 Acter Lee
關懷組長 – Caring – 馮王小芬 Stella Fung
基教組長 – Christian Education – Pastoral Team
福音及推廣組長 – Evangelism / Outreach – 陳秋雄 Simon Chan
崇拜組長 – Worship – 劉鄭鳳媛 Fenny Lau
家庭事工代表 – Family Ministry – 蘇鄭美瑩 Amy So

國語堂建委會 Mandarin CDC

主席 – Chairperson – Pastoral Team
關懷組長 – Caring – 王韻Winnie Yang
基教組長 – Christian Education – Pastoral Team
福音及推廣組長 – Evangelism / Outreach – 鄧智謙 Adrian Tang
崇拜組長 – Worship – 徐奕 Sophie Xu
家庭事工代表 – Family Ministry – Pastoral Team

英文堂建委會 English CDC

主席 – Chairperson – 陳穎 Charlotte Chan
副主席 / 祕書 – Vice-Chairperson / Secretary – 陳穎 Odette Chan
基教組長 – Christian Education – Pastoral Team
福音及推廣組長 – Evangelism / Outreach – Pastoral Team
關懷組長 – Caring / Inreach – 李珈蔚 Kevin Lee
崇拜組長 – Worship – 伍蔚勤 Kenneth Ng
年青家庭事工代表 – Young Family – 黃桂平 Sophia Ung-Cheung
成人 / 大學事工代表 – Young Adult / University – 關兆殷 Ian Kwan
青年事工代表 – Youth – 陳穎 Odette Chan

兒童堂建委會 Children CDC

主席 – Chairperson – 馮凱淋 Donna Fung
青少年組長 – Pre-teens Coordinator – 陳傅芝華 Eva Chan
兒童組長 – Children Coordinator – 劉鄭鳳媛 Fenny Lau
幼兒組長 – Toddlers Coordinator – 鄭趙懿瑩 Lori Cheng
福音及推廣組長 – Outreach – 林玲 Olivia Lam
福音及推廣組長 – Outreach – 余徐麗而 Tremy Yu
總務組長 – General Management – 鄭凱兒 Stephanie Cheng

教會事工委員會 Church Council

財政組長 – Finance – 李志強 Michael Lee
總務組長 – General Management – 劉玉玲 Emily Fung
差傳組長 – Mission – 貝忠念 Ken Pui
資訊科技組長 – Information Technology