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Recent Prayers

  • Prayer Requests this Week

    Joel & Elliot will work in Madoc from Monday to Saturday. Last night our sink broke; pray we can fix it.

  • Praise Item

    My dad got a negative test back for covid-19, but he will continue to be serving on the frontlines at the nursing home

  • Patience

    Pray for patience during this time of personal trials.

  • healthcare workers

    Thanks to the social workers at the long term care homes with the older folks who are most vulnerable. May God protect those workers who are caring on our behalf for our elderly.

  • Please pray for....

    Our friend Canina, a nurse in the States, and her family. They don't have enough PPE.

    Karie's brother, Patrick, who is a doctor working in the States.

  • Frontline Workers

    Lord, our Provider and Protector, please continue to use and protect the frontline workers as they serve others and put themselves at risk. May You grace them with strength and faith to face tomorrow; physical rest and peace in You; joy and quality time with their family and loved ones. Help us all find hope in You, be able to count our blessings, and be prepared and obedient to be Your instruments at Your prompting. In Jesus's name we pray. Amen.

  • Thank you Lord

    Thank you so much for you unlimited protection.
    Pray that we will really learn to love you by following your teaching, to love others more.

  • Desire for Our Lord

    Let us not forget to diligently seek our Lord and in His Word. Pray for a deeper desire in Him, that we will not squander the time given to us, but rather to use it for His glory. Pray for a humility that comes from wisdom and to adopt a child-like faith as we reach out to Jesus' loving arms knowing full well we, as humans, have no control over anything and desperately need Him. Let us pray for healing in the world - not physically, but spiritually.

  • Pray for health care workers

    Remember Charis, auntie Bonnie, Jon Chu.

  • Healthcare Workers

    Pray for their saftey and their health during this time.

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