Dear church and family,

As most of us are following the news about coronavirus (COVID-19), we are aware that the virus is now considered a worldwide pandemic. That said, the risk in Canada is still low. However, it is good to remain vigilant and informed. Please keep yourselves up to date with the advice from trusted resources such as:

• World Health Organization
• Public Health Agency of Canada
• Public Health Ontario

In light of this development, the church will keep its essential functions of worshiping, caring, and learning together; albeit with a few adjustments. Here are a few changes to be aware of in the coming days regarding our regular church activities:

Sunday Worship Service for will be held online for the rest of 2020. We will not be meeting at St. Augustine and will provide phases for re-opening at Oxford instead.

• All official small group meetings are to be held online until further notice. (This includes home groups, Numa, prayer meetings, ministry meetings, consultation meetings, etc…) We will not be meeting in person for now. 

• Spring Conference 2020: We will postpone it to 2021, with the same guest speakers subject to their availability.

In the meantime, remember our God is one of Peace and Order. Resist the urge to panic and horde all the toilet paper in Toronto, and bring your cares and concern to the Lord. He will comfort, He will guide, and He will lead us through. He is our strength, He is our Rock, and He is our Salvation.

Stay informed, stay safe, and remember to wash your hands!

Peace be with you.